Learn The Terminology Of Bingo!

Blackout – Also called Full or CoverAll, the player will get this winning combination by successfully ticking all of the numbers on their bingo grid.

Bonanza Bingo – This is a progressive version of blackout bingo. Usually, we draw 45 to 48 balls. If there is no winner after the draw, the number of numbers drawn will increase daily until there is a winner. In some casinos, the draw continues until a winner appears.

Buy-in – Purchase of bingo cards at the start of a game. 

Minimal Buy-In – This is the minimum number of tickets you will need to purchase during a bingo session. There is also talk of the Admission Pack.

Bingo Card – This is a bingo grid in the form of a piece of paper on which players must check numbers to form a winning combination. In 75 ball bingo, the grid includes 25 boxes (5 x 5). The bingo card is subdivided into 5 columns of numbers placed respectively under the letters of the word ‘BINGO.’ In the middle of the grid, you will also find a free box that is generally in the form of a star.

Free Box – This is the box in the middle of your bingo grid that has no numbers. All bingo cards have them. It may be in the form of a star.

Cash Ball – It is a ball that will win a progressive jackpot for the player with whom the associated number will have enabled him to constitute a winning combination.

Chat Comps – These are competitions organized in discussion spaces (chat rooms) during which participants can win additional prizes.

Street Vendor – In bingo halls, there is a person in charge of announcing the numbers as they exit the abacus. It is also called ‘advertiser.’

Deposit – Amount of money that players credit to their account to purchase bingo cards.

Diagonal – Winning combination, which, as its name suggests, designates an oblique line which connects one corner of the grid to another.

Diamond – Winning a combination of a rhomboid shape whose central box of the grid represents the geometric medium.

Fair & Square – In this bingo variant, all players have the same number of cards for the sake of fairness.

Flimsies – Also called ‘Throwaways,’ these are bingo cards in groups of 3, 6, or 9 printed on very thin paper.

Multiple Winners – If more than one player calls ‘Bingo’ at the same time, the winnings must be shared equally among them.

GNA – Acronym for ‘Random Number Generator.’ It is computer software used by online casinos to draw numbers randomly.

Instant Bingo – This is a bingo ticket in the form of a scratch card. Again, your ticket must have a winning combination to win any winnings.

Jackpot – This is a special prize awarded to players who manage to build sophisticated winning combinations (a flag or a blackout, for example) using a predefined number of numbers.

Progressive Jackpot – This is a jackpot that keeps increasing as players contribute to its supply. In some variants of online bingo, it is the number of numbers to be drawn, which will increase in place of the jackpot itself.

Jargon – Specific vocabulary words used by bingo players in chat rooms.

Chat Games – These are games that take place in a discussion area (chat room).